Daily Dose of Reading improves literacy in children by empowering families through reading and language. DDR was founded in 1999 by pediatrician Dr. Shelly Senders, who offered his patients “Prescriptions for Reading” to encourage family reading and language development activities for children. From that beginning, DDR has developed early literacy educational programming, called Play & Learn, for Head Start students from ages 3-5 and Early Head Start children from 6 months to age 3. Play & Learn supports pre-literacy language skill improvement by filling children’s surroundings with reading and language activities and materials that engage all of their senses.

Learn more about DDR’s Play & Learn and Prescriptions for Reading programs by following these links.

Play and Learn

Prescriptions for Reading



Children from at-risk families in particular often arrive at kindergarten gravely behind in their pre-literacy language skills, hampering their ability to become successful students, adults, employees and contributing members of their community. Research has shown that there is a direct link between children’s early language skills and later reading competencies.

To that end, DDR’s Play & Learn program, which combines talking, singing, reading and playing, is designed to improve the pre-literacy language skills of pre-K children in at-risk communities. This intensive early childhood pre-literacy curriculum integrates learning activities in the classroom, provides professional development for early childhood teachers and distributes books to participating children, including literacy activity guides for their caregivers to use at home.